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I am *not* crazy. - Doctor Beverly Crusher (Remember Me, S4) . . . All things related to Star Trek - specifically TNG, Jean-Luc Picard, Beverly Crusher, P/C,

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Picard surprises his new flame, Beverly Crusher, with a driving holiday on a world that resembles the late 20th Century. All goes well until a horrible accident

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Star Trek: Crusher-Picard. By: hvgn. When Beverly gets a life threatening brain disease, Captain Picard must do everything that he can do to

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As far as Crusher revealing her true feeling for Picard with the "I have . Because of my fanfiction writing, my copy is perpetually on my desk.

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Crusher: Allison Janney — Three words: affair with Picard. . </div><div>Go read the Torres/Seven fanfics much better :)</div><div>

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It was during this tour of duty aboard the “Stargazer” in which Picard falls in love In a lot of the fan fiction I've read, the writers have come up with situations in

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Picard/Crusher Fanfiction Stories. 'The Big Goodbye'. Listed below are my P/C stories for you to enjoy. If you check back in a few weeks there'll be more up,

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Beverly Crusher Productionspresents The Adventures of Don Juan starring Thanks to Q, Picard witnesses an intimate scene between Riker and Dr. Crusher.

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Picard fidgeted with his uniform, muttered a few French swearwords, and Beverly Crusher smiled as if she were genuinely looking forward to spending a little

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Captain's Log: We open on the funeral of Crusher's grandmother Felisa Howard. Crusher is delivering a eulogy; Troi and Picard are alongside

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Lieutenant Jack Crusher is about to become a dad. The initial meetings of JeanLuc Picard, Bevery Howard, Jack Crusher and Walker Keel. StarTrek: The Next

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The mood in the Federation had changed since Picard was a cadet. room where Dr. Crusher, Counselor Troi, Chief Engineer LaForge,

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Watch stills of the couple to the song (bought & downloaded on Amazon). "Love of my Life". Written by BRICKMAN, JAMES MERRIAL/

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And was instrumental in finally bringing Picard and Doctor Crusher together. And well The FanFiction Critic has reviewed Field Trip and Enterprized.

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Star Trek: Picard-Crusher. By: hvgn. Beverly Crusher and Jean-Luc Picard go down to a planet only to return a week later unconscious and

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"And the sky's the limit." (Capt. Picard) P/C MV set to "Everytime We Touch (slow version -Candlelight remix)", by Cascada. I don't own the clips

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Geordi has a giggle fit, Picard gets trampled by Bev Crusher, and Riker chases a shipmate in the most hilarious way possible in a new blooper

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Worf Rozhenko narrowly escapes death on an alien planet, Jean-Luc Picard and Dr Crusher have a misunderstanding, and Deanna of Mogh faces her first

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Doctor Crusher to Captain Picard! INT. BRIDGE Present are Captain Picard and Riker (sitting in their command seats), and Worf (at his station).

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This is an Alternate Universe series in which Beverly Crusher's Celtic background influences her relationship with Jean-Luc Picard. Coming Home This was the

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By far the most common pairing is with Picard, generally known as Picard/Crusher (despite the potential for mix-up with

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Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher had started a relationship, but are having some trouble adjusting to each other. Especially on a planet

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Picard/Crusher Music Videos #7 Because Beverly could say anything to Picard .

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THE PLOT: Like a thousand Star Trek fan fiction novels come to life, this is the series meets Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) from The Next Generation. Beverly Crusher, in explaining the joke to him, clearly chooses her

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Beverly Cheryl (née Howard) Crusher, M.D. was a Federation Starfleet officer on active duty in Fan fiction · Fan fiction · Fan While serving on the USS Stargazer under Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 2354, Jack Crusher was killed. Beverly

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TrekNation ist das größte deutsche Star Trek Fanfiction Archiv. Jean-Luc Picard/Beverly Crusher, Abuse (physical/emotional), Angst, Character Death, Darkfic,

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Dr. Crusher has always delivered news of other women having babies, Rated: Fiction K - English - Family/Romance - B. Crusher, J. Picard

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Then I shall assess the themes of fan fiction found on the internet in an attempt . Picard is responsible for dealing with outside forces, and Crusher with internal


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