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washer disinfectors for pre-sterilisation preparation of instruments. • capacity up to 8 single- or double-door (pass- through) version, can be installed into a stainless . pages 22 - 29. • capacity up to 8 DIN baskets per one batch, volume 170 l

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Find all the manufacturers of floor-standing washer-disinfectors and contact them in two versions: single door or double door for pass-through application. .. steel door (Manual) Chamber Volume 150 Liter, 8 DIN 1/1 baskets Standart Power

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Find all the manufacturers of medical washer-disinfectors and contact them It consists of 8 DIN baskets and 171 . .. KEN IWD 2311 is a new generation of disinfecting washers available both as pass-through machines and with one door.

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it · en · AT-OS, Bedpan and instruments washer disinfectors AWD655-8 DIN Line · AWD655-10 DIN Line · AWD655-15 DIN Line. Instruments washer

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washer-disinfectors, including a comprehensive advisory, planning 8 DIN mesh trays. 2-3 MIS sets . Pass-through washer-disinfector with double doors.

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Steelco CSSD washer disinfectors combining the energy saving concept with the Once the items have gone through the washing cycle, another ATS unloads the treated .. Control panel access is protected by 3 password levels for the.

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This virtual excursion also passes through the inside of a mobile CSSD. washer-disinfectors with a large capacity of up to 8 DIN mesh trays

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We offer a wide range of washer-disinfectors, most of which are available both in single door versions and as pass-through models. All of them offer superior

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8 DIN 1/1 trays washer disinfectors. > DS 50. > DS 50 DRS hot air drying. > DS 50 HDRS hot air drying. > DS 50/2 DRS hot air drying pass-through. Washer

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Medisafe Pico EVO XXL Underbench Washer Disinfector. WD Under 8 DIN. DS600/2. Pass Through. Free Standing Washer. WD Free standing Single Door.

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mechanical washer-disinfector. It effectively recessed; single or double door model for pass-through opera- tion. . date 8 typical US trays (20-1/2”L x 10-1/2”W x 3-1/2”H) or 8 DIN Two-Door Pass-thru Model for Automation—Double door.